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Learning to play the drums is the most rewarding thing anyone can do in life. There is so much you can do in the realm of drumming. You can learn to play jazz, learn to play rock, learn to play Latin, learn to play rudiments, and more! On this website you will learn them all! So let’s start by learning how to play the basics on drums. Before we start, let me suggest that you begin drumming by learning on a practice pad. A practice pad will save you lots of time in the long run, helping you develop dynamics and stick control without making a lot of noise. You should start out by practicing your rudiments. Before you jump on a drum set right away, take the time to learn some basic rudiments with you sticks. Learn to play the single stroke roll, double stroke roll, and paradiddle right away. Like I said before, this can be done on a practice pad. Believe it or not, learning how to play these is the beginning steps of learning how to play the drums. Rudiments are the most essential part of drumming and must not be ignored.

Drumming System by Mike Michalkow

Start with the single and double stroke roll. The single stroke roll is very basic. It is simply left, right, left, right, etc. Start this rudiment slow, making sure you are hitting with even strokes on left and right hands. Make sure you are also playing with a metronome so you can record your progress with this. The next rudiment to learn is the double stroke roll. This is done similar to the single stroke roll; however, you play 2 strokes on each hand. This looks like this, right right, left left, right right, left left. Fairly basic, but rather tricky to master.

To better yourself on the drums, practice these rudiments regularly. Learn how to practice on a practice pad first, and then move on to the drums. To learn more on the drums, check out the rest of the learn to play drums website, which is soon to be loaded with free video content and instruction!

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