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Learn To Play Rock Drums

Rock drumming is the most popular form of drumming in North America. Learn how to play rock drums within the learn to play drums website in no time. This mini lesson is designed to teach you to become a rock drummer in no time. Rock drumming can be easy to learn. You are a few steps away from learning how to play rock solos, learning how to play rock fills, and learning how to groove on the drums. Even if you are not in a rock band, this lesson will help you out with rock drumming, so lets dive in, before you know it, you will be playing like Neil Peart in no time!

Drumming System by Mike Michalkow

Learn to Play Rock Beats

A rock beat is like most any beat you will learn. You can make it very basic, or take it to the next level. What you really need to learn first off, is how to develop the rock groove. Rock drumming requires good timing, and a loud beat. Listen to any rock song and you will know what I mean. Start by taking some of your favorite rock songs, and try to imitate their drumming. This is actually very fun to do! Most rock is played in 4/4, which happens to be the easiest time signature to learn! So, basically any beat you learn can be translated into a rock groove. Just play along with some of the grooves you already know and try to make them rock by adding in fills, and chops! Try this basic beat for you beginners!

Learn to play Rock Fills and Solos

The next step in learning to play rock drums is learning how to play rock solos and fills. This is obviously the part most drummers look forward to the most. A fill and solo is your time to shine as a drummer. Remember with a drum fill, not to go too long. The best way to learn how to play rock fills is by listening to your favorite rock songs and try to imitate their fills. I will dive into drum fills more in another lesson, but for now, take your time in dissecting your favorite rock bands. This is the best way to learn any style of music. The same goes with soloing, however soloing is your chance to express yourself in anyway you can, so there are very limitations to this. Again I will dive into soloing more in another lesson.

Rock drumming is a style that is very wide. There are so many varieties of rock music that it truly takes forever to master them all. For example there is punk rock, classic rock, heavy rock, alternative rock, and more. To fully master the rock drummer persona, you will need to dive into each of these. Here at Learntoplaydrums.com, you will get video lessons in all of these styles. Not only will you get sheet music to follow along with, but you will have a video to see what is going on in every form. So stay tuned for every aspect of rock drumming to be displayed for you in easy to follow instructionals!

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